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How do I filter my incoming e-mails with Horde?

To prevent unwanted mail to take up space in the "Inbox" or to automatically transfer e-mail messages from certain people and/or about certain topics the "Filters" feature of Horde may be used. To use the feature first the "Mail" icon and then "Filters" icon are clicked. 

In the Filter Rule page, to create a new rule, please click "New Rule".

You need to provide a name for the new rule.

In the For an incoming message that matches part, you can define criteria for ToSubjectSenderFrom, etc.

In the Do this part, you can define the action for the e-mails matching the criteria.  Deliver to folder, Delete message completelyRedirect to... are frequently used actions.

In the above screenshot, the rule delivers the emails where TO field contains genel-duyurumetu.edu.tr to the folder duyurular.

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