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I forgot my METU user code password. Where can I apply?

You can get your new password if you add an alternate e-mail adress (password recovery/reset e-mail adress) using METU User Account Management https://useraccount.metu.edu.tr/ web page. To do so, you need to have a registered recovery e-mail. 

If you have a registered e-mail address, click on "Forgot password?” link


After filling the form, click on the “send e-mail” link. You should click the link sent to your e-mail address to reset and activate your new password.

If you remember your password and want to register a recovery e-mail address please log on to METU User Account Management page, click "REGISTER RECOVERY E-MAIL" link to register an e-mail address (other than your @metu.edu.tr address).



If you do not have an alternate/recovery e-mail address, you can simply scan your METU ID card and your identity card (only the front side) or you can take a photo of your METU ID and identity card (only the front side) with your mobile phone if applicable (allowed file types are: pdf, png, jpeg, gif and maximum file upload size: 2MB ) and fill in IT Support Form. After sending the required information to us, the recovery address would be assigned by METU CC (if there is an e-mail address that you used while sending the information or another e-mail address that you request) and you would able to perform the password recovery operations as explained above. After this process you can easily reset or change your recovery e-mail address or password whenever necessary.