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My internet connection is very slow. What could be the problem?

If your wireless internet connection is slow, you can review the following items;

- Use of wrong modeled and outdated wireless ethernet card driver
- Use of shields to cover the antennas of mobile devices or computers (especially metal ones)
- Use of computer or device far away from the wireless access point (distance and intervening obstacles will reduce performance)
- Having internet access in places with high user density (performance will decrease as the number of users on the wireless network access point increases). When using a wireless network, if possible, places with fewer users around can be preferred.
- Unnecessary applications that make download/upload operations when using a wireless network (for example, downloading files while using Zoom)
- Meturoam/Eduroam are virtual wireless network broadcasts and both are broadcast from physically the same wireless network devices. Some devices may experience problems because they use different crypto technologies. Alternatively, a connection can be attempted with the other.
- Metuconnect is a network open for authorization only and does not provide an Internet connection. You can only reach netregister.metu.edu.tr via this network. After completing your authorization procedures, you need to stop using it by "forget this network". Staying connected to this network will cause you to experience Internet problems.
- Staying between two similar broadcasts can cause connection problems, as mobile devices in wireless networks "roam" in a way that prefers the better one among the available broadcasts. Moving closer to one, if possible, will help eliminate these problems.
- Current wifi technologies operate in the 2.4 and 5Ghz bands. 2.4Ghz performs much better in terms of wall throughput and distance. But considering the bandwidth and the number of users, 5Ghz works much better. If the features of your device are suitable, you can check which one you are connecting from. In some devices, one may be given priority or the device may be forced to use only one of them. In cases where you are close to a wireless network access device, providing a 5Ghz connection will increase performance. If you are far away from the device or there are walls in between, setting 2.4Ghz will provide a more stable connection.

The slowness of your wired/wireless network connection speed may be due to any of the issues mentioned in the control items above. In addition, the connection speed may be slow due to the problem with your computer (problems with your network interface card, virus, etc.).

When it is said "I have a problem with my internet speed", it is very important to define the problem correctly for a solution. Information such as the page trying to connect, the device used during the connection (operating system and MAC/IP address information), the connection time interval, the connected user code are very important for a quick solution. The address https://speedtest.metu.edu.tr/ can be used to detect the slowness of the connection speed and see the instant speed.