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What should I do for creating a blog with my ODTÜ username?

ODTÜ Blog Service allows creating blog and/or personal pages using the accounts defined on the central servers. There is no need for additional registration to this service. You can just log in using the form on the home page and you are done.

The address you can access your blog and/or personal page is like http://blog.metu.edu.tr/{your user code}. This address will be created automatically after your first login.

ODTÜ Blog Service,

  • Makes it easier to produce personal web pages or blogs without any technical knowledge about web page building
  • Allows the creation of personal or corporate web pages with respect to the status of your user code.
  • Allows multilingual blogs or pages to be created
  • Let you receive comments on your blog posts
  • Enables using themes prepared in accordance with METU Corporate Identity Standards
  • Lets you choose from a range of modern themes for your personal pages and/or blogs
  • Allows domain mapping to make your blog/corporate page accessible in the form of {your user code}.metu.edu.tr on demand.

Users that want to use the METU Blog Service should take METU Blog Service Usage Policy in consideration. The blogs will be deleted after the user codes are deleted from the central servers.

You can access Blog Service Tutorial Videos page from https://blog.metu.edu.tr/en/tutorials/ .

You can use our Contact Form to send us your questions and comments regarding the METU Blog Service.