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What should I do to protect my computer against spyware?

The most effective way of avoiding such software is to refrain from certain user habits that cause these to spread. Authorizing all the inquiry or notice windows while surfing the internet leads to the installation of many unnecessary software. People who have higher expertise and experience stay away from problems without making use of anti-spyware software. Therefore it is imperative that a dialogue or a notice screen encountered on any web page not be authorized without really understanding what is wanted or without consulting someone who might have an insight.

In addition, some free software such as internet accelerator, rapid download, file sharing etc. install spyware along with their functionality. Even more, there are spyware installed on computers that claim that they themselves are anti- spyware and that they will clean up the malicious software in the computer thus deceiving the unknowing user. Before installing any such free software, you should search on the internet about them or consult for technical support from experts.


Anti-spyware are security software developed to protect computers from spyware. Some anti-virus software are capable of protecting the computer against well-known spyware, however, anti-spyware have specialized on removing, deleting or making obsolete the spyware and updating themselves for newly developed spyware. Although some are paid, there are also free, competent and widely used ones.

  • Windows Defender

    It is the anti-spyware developed to protect Windows operating systems from spyware and provided free to the licensed Windows users. This software is already installed on Windows Vista or newer operating systems. This product automatically updates itself, recognizes spyware and blocks them from appending themselves to the system, furthermore scans and eradicates those that have already been added. You have to activate it from Windows Security settings, by clicking "Actions Recommended"