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Where can I find information about ReCaptcha image validation (I'm not a robot) on the registration page?

Google ReCaptcha service is added to the user's browser automatically and verified by Google. In addition, since this service has a timeout, the verification may time out by itself when the correct ones are selected from the images shown on the screen and waiting for a while.

In addition to these, accesses from different IP addresses, some extension used in the browser, opening many pages in the incognito tab, wrong selections in the images provided by the ReCaptcha service may cause more information to be requested and verification images to be shown in order to prove that you are not a robot in subsequent verifications.

You can experience how the Google ReCaptcha service works outside the registration page by accessing https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/demo?invisible=false and experience the image verification service that will appear on the screen by opening the same address in an incognito tab.

In some cases, there are inconsistencies between the information requested by the ReCaptcha verification service and the images displayed on the screen. For example, when the service requests you to select a fire hydrant in verification, there may not be a fire hydrant in the pictures shown. In such a case, it is necessary to proceed to the next verification by clicking skip. We do not interfere with the Google ReCaptcha verification service used on our registration page.