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Installing MAXQDA on Client Computers:

1) Download MAXQDA to the relevant computer and perform the installation.

Download link for Windows: www.maxqda.com/download/MAXQDA2020_Setup.msi

Note: The MAXQDA software license server cannot support older versions; therefore 64-bit system and 2020 version must be used.

Download link for macOS: www.maxqda.com/download/MAXQDA2020.dmg

2) Launch MAXQDA after the installation and select the option "Connect to your institution's network license" in the activation dialog window.

3) Enter the server address and the port for the MAXQDA Netlic Service in the next dialog window.

4) You can now automatically display all available licenses of the MAXQDA Netlic Service. Then select the desired license using the license name. Alternatively, you can enter the license name manually.

5) Then click on "Connect" to acquire the license.

6) The client device can now use the license.

Important note: In order to use the software outside of the campus, it is necessary to connect to the campus network with VPN. Detailed information on VPN can be found at http://faq.cc.metu.edu.tr/groups/vpn-service .

MAXQDA Error Messages:

Error Code


Suggested Solution


No license with the entered license name has been found in the MAXQDA Netlic Service.

Please check the license name for typing errors.

It should be “METUMAXQDA2020”.


The client is currently using the license in another instance of MAXQDA. A license can only be used in one MAXQDA instance on the same device.

Use the previously opened instance of MAXQDA or close it to use the license in the new instance of MAXQDA.

Restart the application.


The requested license is not activated or invalid.

Check whether the requested license has not been activated or has expired. If necessary, remove the license from the MAXQDA Netlic Service.


The requested license does not match this version of MAXQDA.

Please check which license has been configured to be used with this version of MAXQDA.

It should be MAXQDA 2020.


The client device is not on the whitelist or cannot be added automatically and therefore does not have permission to use the license.

Check whether the name that was entered is correct.


The client device is listed on the blacklist and is therefore excluded from use of the license.

Use VPN for out of campus entries.


The maximum number of simultaneously connected clients has been reached for the requested license.

A new space will be available once a currently connected client stops working with MAXQDA.


A connection to the MAXQDA Netlic Service could not be established or was disconnected.

Please check your network connection and the specified server address as well as the port.

Related questions and problems can be sent via https://itsupport.metu.edu.tr