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Can I Install Applications in PC Rooms?

PC Rooms which are operated by Computer Center, serve the entire university, and the software purchased with the campus license agreement is installed on the computers. Licensed software at https://faq.cc.metu.edu.tr/faq/what-list-software-available-pc-rooms can be used in PC rooms.

Users who log in to computers in PC rooms have a restricted user profile and cannot install programs. Some programs that do not require administrator permission can run on these PCs if there is a portable feature.

Application installation requested by restricted users in public computer labs is not possible due to security, license and compatibility reasons. This type of application installation involves the following risks:

Security Risk: PC rooms are environments that many different users can access and need to be secure. If any user changes an application in the computer lab or installs malware, all of our users may be affected. This can compromise the integrity and security of PC rooms.
License and Legal Responsibilities: An application can be installed in a public computer room if it is purchased with a campus license agreement. Failure of applications to meet these requirements may result in license violation and therefore legal problems.
Data Loss Risk: There is a risk of data loss during application installation. The security and integrity of the data inside the computers used in the PC rooms is always a priority.
Compatibility Issues: The installed application may be incompatible with other applications inside the PC, which may affect the efficiency of the computers.