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How can I connect to INTERNET from dormitories?

For the users who stay in the dormitories and want to use the local cable network, the first step is that the dormitory manager registers the user in the dormitory automation system.

This process is conducted by the manager of the dormitories for each student during the registration to the dormitories. After the dormitory manager completes the registration, users have to sign in with their central system user name and password at https://netregister.metu.edu.tr

Users can obtain access to the cable network after entering their MAC address information in Wired Network menu in netregister.metu.edu.tr

Users stay in the summer time dormitories should be sure about their dormitory registration made for right dormitory. To do this, they can consult their dormitory manager or Directorate of Dormitories (2nd dormitory building) to get information. If users are not registered to any dormitory or their registration was made to wrong dormitory, they won't be able to make their own wired network registration on the netregister interface (https://netregister.metu.edu.tr/).

Note: Since DHCP is used (i.e. recognized automatically) in all dormitories, the users in the dormitories can connect to the internet after completing all the steps defined above. They do not have to enter TCP/IP settings. Moreover, users who stay in those dormitories can also reach https://netregister.metu.edu.tr through local cable network before registration in order to complete their registration.

Steps, in order to be connected to the internet after obtaining IP address information, are as follows:

  1. Be sure that your computer recognizes your Ethernet card. You can find it by clicking right to the computer icon, choosing properties, then device manager and network card. If your computer recognizes Ethernet card, that is, the right software is installed, you can continue without any problem. If there is an exclamation mark on the device icon, that means your computer does not recognize the Ethernet card. Then, you have to install the right software.
  2. Next step is the configuration of TCP/IP settings. Click right on the computer icon on the desktop, choose properties, then TCP/IP settings, and then choose properties. You can complete the settings by selecting "Obtain automatically"  in the relevant boxes and then clicking OK. Almost in all Windows operating systems, the configuration of TCP/IP settings is conducted similarly.
  3. Lastly, in order to connect to the cable network, it is necessary to obtain a UTP network cable from electronic stores.  You should measure the distance between the location of your computer and network plug. After connecting the UTP network cable to your computer and plug, you should be able to connect to METU cable network.
  4. It is suggested for the users who utilize network connection in the dormitory regions to read the Dormitory Rooms Computer Network Rules.

You can visit https://faq.cc.metu.edu.tr/faq/how-can-i-find-out-about-source-my-network-connection-failure-dormitories if you have any problems connecting to the cable network. You can also send an IT support request via https://itsupport.metu.edu.tr

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