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How can I find out the MAC (physical) address of the wireless adapter of my computer?

MAC (Media Access Control) address defines the network interface hardware of a network device or a computer on a computer network. It is a hexadecimal expression that can contain numbers between 0-9 and letters between A-F. Each network interface (Ethernet, wireless, bluetooth etc) has a unique MAC address.

An authentication system based on MAC address runs on the cable network services at the dormitories of METU Campus. To connect wireless network of METU (meturoam) you can follow https://faq.cc.metu.edu.tr/tr/sss/meturoam guideline.

    • For Windows operating systems;

To open the command prompt window select;

Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt


Start > Run > cmd

and click OK. Write down the command getmac /v and press Enter. MAC address of your wireless network adapter is on the line Wireless Network Connection on Physical Address column.

Using the command ipconfig /all on command prompt window, you can also find the MAC address of your wireless network adapter on the line Physical Address under Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection, as well as some network information such as IP address etc.


    • For MAC OSX operating systems;


Apple > System Preferences > Network

Choose AirPort on the list of connection points on the left side and click Advanced.

Select AirPort tab. MAC address of your wireless network adapter is on the line AirPort ID.