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How a list can be set for only the moderator to be able to send message to the list?

 For only the moderator to be able to send messages to the list (moderated-edit list):

(After these settings are done, the list becomes a one way list, in other words it becomes an announcement list.)

(a) Entry is done on the General Options > The list moderator email addresses field as one line per one moderator address.
(b) The option ON is selected for Membership Management > Membership List > Additional Member Tasks > Set everyone's moderation bit, including those members not currently visible.
(c) The option YES is selected for Privacy options > Sender filters > Member filters > By default, should new list member postings be moderated?.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the messages with viruses or spam messages that appear to be coming from the moderator(s), as a measure you can make the below settings effective.

i. The e-mail addresses authorized to send messages to the list SHOULD NOT BE a member of the list. If the authorized address(es) belong to the moderator(s) the same is effective for them as well. If these address(es) is(are) member(s) of the list, their membership(s) is(are) cancelled.
ii. The e-mail address(es) to be authorized to send messages to the list should be entered at Privacy options >Sender filters > Non-member filters > List of non-member addresses whose postings will be immediately held for moderation as one e-mail address per line.
iii. The setting for Privacy options > Sender filters > Member filters > Action to take when a moderated member posts to the list. is selected as either "Reject" or "Discard".
vi. After these settings the e-mail address(es) authorized to send messages to the list can send to the list. The messages sent from these address(es) are submitted in electronic media to the attention of the list administrator and/or the moderator to be approved.
v. The list administrator with the administrator password, if assigned, moderator(s) with the moderator password, access the http://mailman.metu.edu.tr/mailman/admindb/LIST-NAME page approve the message(s) waiting for attention. Only then the message(s) is(are) distributed to the list.