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I have problems with VPN services, what can I do?

If you have problems with installing the Aruba VIA software, please visit https://faq.cc.metu.edu.tr/faq/i-have-problems-installing-vpn-services-w...

If you have problems with connecting to the VPN service, please check the following settings:

Make sure that you have the version of Aruba VIA installed on your system is the same as the one available from https://netregister.metu.edu.tr . There may be an update to the version you are using. After downloading the new version, follow the steps at http://faq.cc.metu.edu.tr/groups/vpn-service matching your operating system to setup Aruba VIA.

If you end up with "... has stopped working" Windows error message when you try to run Aruba VIA software, there might be a problem with the software installation or a different problem with the operating system. For this problem, you can follow the resolutions suggested from this link

For each connection, you need to provide your usercode and password. If the Aruba VIA application does not ask for your usercode and password, please try clearing the profile of Aruba VIA. You can follow the steps at http://faq.cc.metu.edu.tr/groups/vpn-service matching your operating system to setup Aruba VIA.

Your network provider might be blocking the communication ports Aruba VIA needs to use. The ports Aruba VIA uses are 443 and 4500. (UDP:  500, 1701, 4500 TCP: 1723, 443, IP protocol: 50 are also used for MACOS) You can contact the IT department of your network provider to make sure that these ports are not blocked.

Any antivirus or firewall applications installed on your computer might also block VPN connections or cause the application not to install. In such a case, please uninstall both the VPN and the antivirus/firewall applications and restart your computer. Then, you can try installing Aruba VPN. If you can establish the connection, you can install the antivirus after the VPN application. (During our trials, in Windows 10 64 bit running Symantec Endpoint protection, even if the real-time protection is disabled, the VPN application and setup failed. With both Symantec and Aruba VPN uninstalled and then only Aruba VPN installed, VPN connection can be established)

If you cannot see the Aruba Via driver in the Device Manager / Network adapters, it means that the setup of Aruba VPN is not complete and VPN might not work as expected. In such a case please uninstall and try installing Aruba VIA again and make sure that Aruba Via Driver is working properly in Device Manager.

You can only connect to the VPN service with the clients available from https://netregister.metu.edu.tr/ and for the listed operating systems. Due to the protocols used, you cannot connect to the VPN service with the utilities built-in the operating system or any other third party clients. If there is not an Aruba VPN client available, you can connect to the VPN via other devices till a version compatible with your operating system becomes available.

Even after trying the above recommended solutions, please open an issue via https://itsupport.metu.edu.tr/



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