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Under which circumstances would a user account be terminated?

Student User Accounts are terminated one (1) term after graduation. The user codes of the exchange students who are in the Erasmus or Special Student category are activated for one semester and are terminated automatically at the end of the semester. After the data of the termination processes are processed and before the termination date at particular times an e-mail informing the date of the termination is sent. Being effective from the 2003-2004 academic year graduated students, the e-mail addresses of the graduated students in the exxxxxxmetu.edu.tr format which are defined on the METU CC central servers are directed to another desired e-mail account. An information e-mail about the redirection services is sent one month before the student would able to use the service. For more information on e-mail forwarding, please visit https://faq.cc.metu.edu.tr/faq/how-can-i-use-metu-e-mail-forwarding

User account of the staff who left the university due to resignation, being dismissed or off-duty are terminated after 3 months. If desired, METU e-mail addresses of those who left the university may be redirected to another e-mail address. For more information on e-mail forwarding, please visit https://faq.cc.metu.edu.tr/faq/how-can-i-use-metu-e-mail-forwarding User codes of the leaving staff may be terminated immediately if requested by the administrative supervisor of the related unit.

The user accounts of the part-time academic members are terminated at the end of an academic year unless their departments prolong their employment. The user account of the retired staff is not subject to termination.

The temporary user accounts which are activated under the conditions specified by CC, are terminated at the end of their given period.

The user account of the deceased user is terminated.

The accounts of the units which are in the context of EIS Project and the student groups are only terminated if an official requirement is made by the related units or groups, if not these accounts are kept active.

Terminating the user account due to misuse:

In accordance with Information Technology Resources Usage Policies memorandum released on 24 March 2004;

  • In the case of the use policies as may be required
  • In the case of illegal uses defined by local laws
  • In the case of the limit exceeding of the temporary accounts
  • In the case of non-academic, commercial and/or illegal activities uses
  • When personal accounts are detected to be used by different persons instead of the users of the accounts.
  • In the case of detected attempts of acquiring/stealing the passwords, intervention to the files, changing them etc. of the other users registered on Server Systems.
  • In the case of the detection of unlicenced, illegal software on the allocated disk space of the user account
  • When the system integrity, security and the continuity of the service is obstructed

user accounts are terminated temporarily by the CC without notice. In the cases th user account would be permanently shut down, the user is notified beforehand. An user account which has been terminated by the CC due to improper usage may be kept inactive while disciplinary investigation and legal action proceeds, and the user account is reactivated only when the investigation procedure is over and the defense is accepted by the CC.

The University Administrative Board Decision on user code termination is available at the CC web page.