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What should I do to protect my computer against viruses?

  • Install a licensed antivirus program such as Symantec, Norton, McAfee etc. and always keep it updated. An antivirus program that has not been updated is helpless against newly devised viruses.
  • Keep your operating system updated. You can update your Windows operating system from Settings -> Windows Update.
  • Instead of Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, prefer to use Mozilla Thunderbird or any of the webmail services provided by METU-Mail since these are more reliable against viruses that seep through gaps in Microsoft Outlook ve Outlook Express.
  • Unless necessary do not turn on file sharing. If it is a must, set password requirement on and select read-only file sharing.
  • Unless needed, do not set up server type operating systems such as Microsoft Windows Server etc.
  • Do not operate IIS (Internet Information Services) as a web server that have not been updated.
  • Set your computer to be booted only from the hard disk. Always back up your crucial files/information. Do not run macros on the office programs that you do not know.
  • For not to be affected of viruses which infect through Microsoft Office, use alternative Office programs such as OpenOffice.org.
  • Do not run the executable files which have been sent by e-mail as attachment unless you verify it from the sender.
  • Use anti-spyware to protect your computer against spyware which aims to collect your personal information.