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Outsourced Software Opportunities for METU Personnel and Students

Abaqus You can download Student Edition at https://edu.3ds.com/en/software/abaqus-student-edition
Adobe Acrobat You can use the Adobe Acrobat extension for free by adding it to your browser to view, convert, compress or sign PDFs. Click here for detailed information.
Ansys You can download Student Edition at https://www.ansys.com/academic/students
Autodesk/Autocad You can download Student Edition at https://www.autodesk.com/education/edu-software/overview?sorting=feature...
Matlab You can reach to educational materials by setting a password on your own, with your own e-mail address and license number 40901578 at https://www.mathworks.com
Office 365 The Office 365 Training Service offered by Microsoft is free to students enrolled in an academic institution. Students are required to have an e-mail address with an .edu extension (eg xxx @ xxx.edu.tr) in order to be able to use the service free of charge during their student life. More information about Office 365 is available at https://www.microsoft.com/tr-tr/education/products/office
Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (previously known as Microsoft Imagine Standard and Premium) is a subscription-based offering for accredited schools and departments providing access to tools commonly used in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs. It provides professional developer and designer tools, software, and services from Microsoft to faculties and students. It includes latest technologies and cloud services to inspire and excite students. And, it provides educators a diverse set of resources to ensure their classrooms challenge, engage, and motivate students in new ways.

By this program educators and students get access to Microsoft products and technologies.

Software offered by Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription is only for instructional and research purposes.

To be able to access Azure Dev Tools For Teaching follow the steps below:

1- If you don't have any Microsoft Account (outlook.com, live.com, hotmail.com ..etc), first register for an Microsoft account.

2- Login with Microsoft account to below web site:


3- After logged in, it is required that your account should have been verified as an education account. In order to do that click on warning message that appears on the page. (If you do not see a warning message, log out of your account, then go to https://signup.azure.com/studentverification?offerType=3 and enter your e-mail address into the field under the text "Enter your school email address" . Complete the verification processes by following the instructions.)

4- When asked, enter your METU email address to verify your account.

5- Follow the instructions of the web site.

Microsoft Teams Please visit http://faq.cc.metu.edu.tr/MicrosoftTeams
MSC Access for Student Versions of MSC Software is avaliable at http://www.mscsoftware.com/student-editions.
Visual Studio You can download software at https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/tr/free-developer-offers/

Related questions and problems can be sent via https://itsupport.metu.edu.tr/