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My Internet connection is very slow. What is the problem?

Our users are sharing the common Internet bandwidth of campus network. Connection speed of every user decreases as much as the number of the users sharing the network increases.

Therefore, as the number of complaints reported from our users increase, "Shaping Excessive Usage" policy started to be executed. In this context, Internet speed of the users who affect others’ network usage will be shaped due to the procedures and sanctions of the 5th article of METU Information Technology Resources Use Policy. This procedure will be valid only towards the off-campus traffic, i.e. all addresses but *.metu.edu.tr in general. There is no such limitation for within-campus connections.

First of all, please try connecting to the network with a different network patch cable. If this works, then your previous network patch cable is probably broken. Obtain a new network patch cable.
Please try connecting to the network from another network outlet. If this works, then there might be a problem with your original network outlet. In the dormitories, you can inform the reception desk and have your network outlet controlled.

If these procedures didn't resolve your problem, please visit https://faq.cc.metu.edu.tr/faq/how-can-i-find-out-about-source-my-networ...