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Email address activation for newly registered students
Are there any limitations for the attachments of incoming E-mail?
Are there any limitations for the attachments of outgoing E-mail?
Can I forward my e-mails that arrive at my METU user account after I graduate?
How can I access to my e-mails located on the central e-mail server?
How can I change my Alumni Account password? What should I beware of in picking a new password?
How can I create a vacation message?
How can I delete an OLDINBOX and similar folders?
How can I download all of my e-mails with Horde?
How can I forward e-mails incoming to my METU mail account?
How can I read e-mails in other folders such as OLDINBOX, SPAMBOX etc?
How can I use METU e-mail forwarding?
How do I filter my incoming e-mails with Microsoft Outlook Express?
How do I filter my incoming e-mails with Pine?
How do I view the full header of incoming e-mail messages?
I cannot send a message from my METU account to an external e-mail address which has been directed to an address in METU. Why?
I don't receive e-mails sent to my METU e-mail address. What can be wrong?
I forgot my METU alumni user code password. Where can I apply?
If I encounter a Turkish character problem when sending and taking e-mails, what should I do? (In Turkish)
Is there a limit of my account for the Inbox directory or the other directories I have created for the e-mail messages or the other files I would like to keep?
Password and Recovery E-Mail Procedures for METU Alumni User Codes
Problems with Alumni User Accounts
What is IMAP and POP3?
While sending an e-mail I get the message "blocked by SpamAssasin" alert message. Why?
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